Expertise in Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries and Re-injuries. Experience with graft types including Patellar Tendon, Hamstring Tendon, Quadriceps Tendon, and Allografts.

Treatment for these injuries depends on the severity of the injury and several other factors such as age, activity level, and overall health. Most injuries require surgical reconstruction of the ACL and repair of any meniscal or cartilage injuries.

The goal for treatment of an ACL injury is to restore stability in the knee, prevent loss of function of the knee, and ideally restore the level of function prior to the injury.


Shoulder expert with high volume experience in shoulder dislocations and rotator cuff tears.

There are a variety of non-surgical approaches used for treatment of rotator cuff and labral injuries. For rotator cuff injuries, physical therapy is an initial form of treatment. Occasionally, injections can be used to improve night pain. Surgery is often required for those injuries that occur with trauma or fail a course of physical therapy. The goal of surgery is to reattach the rotator cuff that has been torn off the humerus. We have specific techniques that allow for less pain and improved outcomes with rotator cuff healing.

Labral tears occur in younger patients and can lead to instability of the shoulder. These tears can be treated with therapy to allow for strengthening and a reduced rate of continued dislocations. Advanced contact or throwing athletes often need surgery to repair the labrum. This allows for improvement with post surgical therapy and a return to preinjury levels of performance.


Clinical focus on all tendon injuries including distal biceps, achilles, quadriceps
and patellar tendon injuries. Surgical techniques to allow healing and return to
previous level of activities.

The best treatment option for ruptured tendons in the quadriceps achilles, distal
biceps and patellar regions is surgery to allow for full repair.

The risk of re-rupture is significantly reduced after surgery and with physical
therapy most find they are able to return to
all activities they did prior to surgery.


Expert and high volume surgeon in Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries. Injuries to the medial side of the elbow in high level throwers can require tommy john surgery. We attempt non-surgical approaches for injury initially. A failure of progression can lead to reconstruction surgery and great success for return to pitching/throwing. We have published a great deal of research on this topic, which can be accessed on PubMed. Tommy John surgery is reserved for overhead athletes that wish to return to sport.

After surgery, rehabilitation protocols must be followed strictly to allow for full return to sport. We will recommend specific therapist with experience in recovery to allow for the best level of return.

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